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The truly effortless way to discover low prices for books you want. Install our browser plugin, and find low prices as you browse your favorite sites.
Find Low Prices
The book you are buying might be cheaper elsewhere. Our browser plugin makes it dead-simple to find lower prices. And you don't have to do a thing!
Discover Similar Books
There are ton of great books out there. How do you discover those hidden gems? We use our secret AI sauce to cook up some great recommendations and help you unearth some hidden gems.
Find Low Prices
That site you always buy from isn't always the cheapest. Most popular ecommerce sites use what are called loss-leaders, popular products at a low price, to bring customers in. But the other products aren't always the cheapest. Our plug-in searches other major ecommerce sites whenever you are browsing for books (or other products too, if you are interested) and automatically lets you know the price of the same book on other websites. It's as simple as this demo shows. We currently track prices on the following sites: amazon, walmart, barnesandnoble, bookshop, powells, alibris, thriftbooks, booksmith, strandbooks
"Customers who bought this also bought..." This phrase revolutionized recommendations. Using a method called collaborative filtering, sites helped you discover books and products. However, this method is too skewed towards popular products. How do you discover those hidden gems? We mine the content of what people are saying about these books, and help surface books that may not be as widely read. And, of course, our plugin makes it super simple for you to discover these.
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